About The Blog

I have recently found myself employed in the capacity of ‘Business Analyst’. I am extremely fortunate to have a job with a very loosely defined ‘job description’. As such, I have the freedom to guilelessly learn and apply as much as I can about Analytics, Business Intelligence, Databases and Data Warehousing.

Needless to say, there is a massive amount of information out there. There seems to be no definitive across-the-board list of responsibilities for Business Analysts. Responsibilities of a BA vary from company to company. It may be a little overwhelming for a new BA to try to find their place and decide on their direction.

This blog is intended to fill two purposes:

  1. A professional diary for me to log my projects, thoughts, musings, discoveries, list of events, list of goodies,and more.
  2. A reference for either new BAs trying to get a good foothold in what they’ve found themselves in or seasoned BAs who might take interest in one or more of my thoughts. 

Through tagging and categorizing posts, I’m striving to make this blog viewable from different angles; you may think of this blog as a Business Intelligence, Analytics, or Data Warehousing blog. 

I hope you find this blog enjoyable, interesting, and useful!



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